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Criminal Law

Preventive Detention by authority
  •  Chapter proceeding
  • Externment proceeding
  • Any other preventive action by authority
Triable before Session court (Session cases/Special Cases, NDPS, etc)
  •  Remand
  • Anticipatory bail application
  •  Regular Bail Application
  •  Trial
  •  Appeal
  • Revision
  •  Review etc
Triable Before Magistrate court (Warrant case, Summon case, Private complaint etc)
  •  Remand
  •  Anticipatory before Session court
  • Regular Bail Application
  •  Trial
  •  Appeal Revision Review etc
Hon’ble High Court, Bombay At Bombay
  •  Anticipatory Bail Application
  •  Regular Bail Application
  •  Appeal
  • Revision
  •  Writ petition etc
  • Police station Visit etc
  •  Miscellaneous application before Hon’ble High court, Session court, Magistrate court etc

Civil Law

Detail 1
  • Suit for Recovery
  • Suit for Injunction
  • Suit for Declaration
  • Suit Against Government
  • Suit for Eviction
  • Suit for movable and immovable property etc

  • Landlord and Tenant Dispute

  • Contractual Dispute
  • Specific Relief
  • Application before Authority for Certificate copy of property, case related etc

Family Law

Detail 1
  • Restitution of Conjugal Rights
  • Divorce matter
  • Custody of Child
  • Maintenance u/s 125 Crpc
  • Protection of women from domestic violence
  • Execution of order etc

Negotiable Instrument act

Detail 1
  • Complaint u/s 138 and 141 of NI act
  • Trial to defend
  • Appeal
  • Revision

Consumer Forum

Detail 1
  • Unfair Contract
  • Unfair Trade Practice
  • Restrictive Trade Practice has been adopted by any trader or service provider
  • the goods bought or agreed to be bought suffer from defects.
  • the services hired or availed of or agreed to be hired or availed of suffer from any deficiency;
  • etc

Maharashtra Real Estate Regulatory Authority

Detail 1
  • Complaint against Real Estate Projects
  • Complaint against Agents
  • Complaint against Promoters etc
  • For delay in possession
  • Any other deficiency of Service or project etc

Workmen compensation before labour court

Detail 1
  • Labour compensation related claim (Injury, Death etc)

Accidental Claim before MACT

Detail 1
  • Motor Accidental claim (Injury, Death etc claim)

Testamentary related

Detail 1
  • Succession Certificate
  • Letter of Administration
  • Will/Probate of will

Registration of Documents

Detail 1
  • Leave and Licenses agreement
  • General Power of Attorney
  • Special Power of Attorney
  • Gift Deed
  • Memorandum of Understanding
  • Agreement to sale / sale deed
  • etc


Detail 1
  • Legal Notice
  • Complaint to police station or any other authority
  • Application under Right to Information
  • Harassment from Bank recovery agent violating RBI Guidelines. etc
  1. Hon’ble High court Bombay, At Bombay
  2. Hon’ble Session court, Mumbai and Thane and Vasai
  3. Hon’ble Magistrate court, Mumbai, Thane, Vasai
  4. Hon’ble Special Court, NDPS, Protection of child from sexual offence, MCOCA, Bombay Municipal Corporation etc
  5. Before Hon’ble Industrial and Labour court, Mumbai, Thane
  6. Before Hon’ble Motor Accident Claim Tribunals
  7. Maharashtra Rent control Act-Hon’ble Competent Authority, Konkan Division and HON’BLE ADDITIONAL COMMISSIONER KONKAN DIVISION, MUMBAI
  8. Maharashtra Real Estate Regulatory authority, (Hon’ble Maharashtra real estate Regulatory authority office, Mumbai and Hon’ble Maharashtra real estate Regulatory Appellate authority, Mumbai
  9. Before Deputy commissioner of police, all Mumbai zone, Thane Zone
  10. Before Special Executive Magistrate, All Mumbai, Thane
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